About Blog Projects


The Beginning

Since I officially launched this site a few days ago, I’ve almost immediately hit a mental block on the content that I want to create. There are so many projects and small accomplishments over the last few months and I feel there is some value in sharing them all - if anything just to get the writing juices flowing now that the hours of staring at code have finally come to fruition.

Hello World!

Welcome to my little slice domain of the web! Honestly I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but now that I have it up and running I’m sure I’ll figure something out. I’m a rather handy person though, so I think my first objective will be to try my best to document some of my recent projects in a way that might be useful, educational, or inspiring to others.

My First

Hello there! Please keep in mind: This is all very much a work in progress! This site is based on pure static HTML5 and CSS3 files, with one or two little JavaScript functions that I included for fun. I’m in the process of adapting this site to Hugo, which is written in the Go language, and is a static site generator designed to help you produce and manage static content much faster than average.