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Hello there, and thanks for visiting my site.

This domain is essentially a dumping ground for all of my tech related projects. How I got here is a long story, and if I don’t cover it enough between here or my personal blogs, then please reach out to me for a chat!

I recently got my CompTIA A+ certification.

After the motherboard in my computer died in the middle of 2018 (RIP), I spent several months getting back up to speed on computer hardware, and countless hours deciding on what parts and features I wanted in my new computer. By the time I was able to build and commission my new rig in December 2018, I decided to pursue a technical certification to:

  1. Validate my knowledge and skills
  2. Challenge my knowledge and skills

Throughout my few months of studies, I was able to build 2 custom computers, and turn my very old workhorse workstation into what you may refer to as a home lab.

This very website is hosted with my home lab, as are most of the projects you’ll find on this site. All of the code is available, and I welcome you to follow my development through GitHub or my RSS.

I hope you find something useful here, or at the least enjoy the content. Thanks for stopping by!